Celebrate Harper Rose's 1st Birthday!

Celebrate Harper Rose!

I found out I was pregnant with Harper Rose on New Years Day 2023. Everything was going great, but she was measuring small. Out of an abundance of caution at my week 33 checkup, my USF midwife team instructed that I come back week to week to check Harper’s growth to ensure she was getting the nutrients she needed inside.

As scheduled, I went to my ultrasound and checkup appointment on Friday July 28th and was surprised to learn that my blood pressure was through the roof – I didn’t believe anything was wrong, I had ZERO symptoms! After a 2nd blood pressure check, APRN Amanda Klawinski, firmly but compassionately explained that she was concerned about preeclampsia and that I needed to walk next door to TGH for labs and evaluation. I didn’t believe her, but I complied – merely out of fear….

My bag wasn’t even packed - I wasn’t ready! I didn’t feel anything was wrong- it was July, and I was HOT and very pregnant. Turns out, I most definitely had preeclampsia – my blood pressure kept skyrocketing and I was going to suffer a possible stroke, seizure or death if I didn’t get treated right away. The medical team wasted no time in admitting me and caring for me.

The team acted swiftly and reassured me that Harper was fine and that I would be too – they kept me informed and assigned me to a high-risk team, and a nurse team who never left my side.

The following day, Saturday July 29th at 8:02pm after 1 ½ pushes Harper Rose was born. She weighed 3lbs 12oz and you would never know it today – she’s gained so much! She spent 8 days in the expert and loving care of the NICU until she reached 4lbs so she could come home. Thankfully she was 100% healthy – ate on her own, breathed on her own – she was just small. 

I may not be here today to tell you our story if it weren’t for the teams at USF and TGH – the nurses, the doctors, everyone, even the front desk concierge at the hospital were nothing short of kind, compassionate, thorough, efficient and amazing. I thank God every day I get to watch my beautiful girls grow up and get to tell our story!

Join me in making a gift to the Tampa General Hospital Jennifer Leigh Muma NICU to celebrate Harper's first birthday.