The Every One Fund | Unconditional Giving. Unlimited Impact.

The Every One Fund | Unconditional Giving. Unlimited Impact.

No one wants to be a patient in a hospital. But should you need one, having the right one nearby, in your community, is critical to your survival.

Tampa General Hospital is the right one.

Every one of our patients has a fighting chance to overcome a traumatic event, because our dedicated team of doctors and nurses are among the very best in the world at what they do. Their experience, training, and skills have changed the lives of countless members of the Tampa Bay community, including your own.

Patients like Meredith S. write to us every day to tell us their stories, and to thank us for saving their lives. It’s a powerful testimony to our steadfast focus on every one of our patients.

“There is no way I can ever repay these awesome people for saving my life and the wonderful care I received. I spent 9 days in the ICU and 7 days in the regular part of the hospital and will be eternally grateful to them. I believe they transfused me with between 9 and 12 pints of blood to save my life. I can never say enough about the wonderful Tampa General Hospital.”

Meredith’s story is just one of thousands of stories of patients whose lives were saved by the steady hands and strong wills of the people at TGH. 

Your gift today to the Every One Fund will enrich the lives of patients just like Meredith, ensuring new tomorrows that otherwise might never come. I hope that you will make a gift to the Every One Fund and make a difference in the lives of everyone in the Tampa Bay region who relies on TGH for life-saving care.

Thank you for helping TGH elevate excellence in lifesaving care and treatment for every patient. With your support, every TGH patient will gain a new chance at life. Just like Meredith.